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Extra Low Voltage system (ELV) Design

ELV is the terminology used in the construction world in an attempt to electrically define all the systems in a building which need electricity to run but are not part of the building's main electrical system. ELV covers all the new modern technologies that are increasingly becoming must-have systems in every building such as data network, CCTV, fire alarm systems, public address systems, audio/video solutions, access control and intrusion detection s y stems, home automation, and much more! The fact that such a broad range of technologies are collectively named “ELV” shows probably how much we are lagging behind the new demands of 21st century. Our highly experience ELV engineer provider with over 15 years of experience in design ELV solutions, including structured cabling, microwave, VSAT, telephony and VOIP, Video Conferencing, safetysystems, and security PAGA and SMATV and IPTV solutions.